Organigrama: team

TAMESA S.A. is a family owned business in its third generation. The Company was established in 1920 as an autobody repair shop, and has developed during the past 80 years into a solid company that works to obtain an expansive future, concentrating on the development of innovative machinery for the timber industry, car industry and agri-foodstuffs, as well as, the automation of industrial processes, and the manufacture of containers and presses for treating and warehousing of residues, without giving up technical furnishings. With a staff of 30 employees, TAMESA S.A. is provided with technical means and a skilled staff in order to develop its activities.
The company has its own team of professionals, specialized in developing and engineering its products, meeting the diverse needs of every customer in the best way possible, which is a well valued attribute in the market.

TAMESA's customers are found primarily on the national market, however the company has started its international expansion worldwide. The main products manufactured by TAMESA are e.g. equipment for timber treatment, belt conveyors, positioners and assembly equipment for the car industry. The Company is starting a new line of environmental products and an extensive
range of containers for the classification and warehousing of residues and
presses for metal cans and filters.

TAMESA has developed a successful quality system according to ISO 9001:2000.

The company is placed in the Polygon of San Francisco in Soria (Spain).