TAMESA S.A. with its own technology has developed timber treatment equipments, in which we have specialized, being nowadays the first baths manufacturer in Spain, with a wide range of high-quality products. Its versatility makes baths suitable for every application of prolonged immersion in timber treatment.The technological development and the know-how we have acquired commercialising these equipments and a close contact with the users, who have transmitted us theirs requirements and real necessities in sawmills, lead us to commercialise automatic treatment channel for impregnation (which is suitable for high capacity sawmills), as well as two basic sort of equipments: Both of them have capacity for treating 12 m. long and 2.5 m. wide loads, incorporating a simultaneous-operated platform and/or an independent one for a single load or several ones. With a programmable robot and a video screen where it is possible to regulate immersion and dripping times.Remote control for switching.
Every model is designed being adapted about dimensions according to customer specifications, giving to you advices connected with an optimal result.Every equipment is manufactured according to security specifications required by the Machinery Security Code, and includes CE certificate.18000 MODEL FEATURES 19000 MODEL FEATURES
AUTOMATIC TREATMENT CHANNEL Our technical office takes charge of planning automatic treatment channel according to every requirement.
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Due to the danger of using some products for treating fungus and other wood’s parasites (antiblues), the prolonged immersion of timber in automatic baths (OPEN IMMERSION) is being set worldwide, to the detriment of other bath systems. Therefore, advantages are obtained both in work health and improvements in the treatment process, which decrease workers and loader machines intervention times and reduce product leaks. Consequently, a significant saving and an important improvement in environmental protection is achieved.