1). Open

2). Tipper truck

3). For collecting used oil

4). Various

Containers for every industry and facilities that makes waste materials, scraps and every sort of residues. Epoxi paint finishing. It is possible to manufacture according to customer`s requirements.


High capacity (from 10 to 40 m3)
Handled with hook equipments, for selective collection of urban and industrial solid residues
Two standard versions:

- normal
- reinforced

Normally used in dumps, waste disposal mills, industries, etc.

Capacity from 750 to 6,000 litres
Used for selective collect and unloads of urban and solid residues
Handled with a lift truck
Two standard versions:

- normal

Normally used in dumps, mills, industries, etc
Optional kit of wheels can be incorporated in order to be translated inside the plant or mill

Normally used in producer centres of mechanized shavings (milling heads, lathes, etc.)
It is easy to place because of its size, and it is quickly and efficiency to empty in containers for storing, which allow to be reused immediately
Incorporating a sieve for filtering, separating cut-fluids and a tap to drain liquid residues.

Capacity from 4 to 8 m3
To be handled with chain equipment

Capacity of 500 litres

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